Irish Wish


The movie opens with the definition and possibility of a wish coming true. And the first location is in the big city. There's a red carpet event and Maddie gets out of the taxi and her scarf gets jammed in the door while her attention is Paul. She suddenly twirled around and screams "that's my scarf." She approached Paul and he invites her to take a picture with him. And he introduces his editor to the crowd. While waiting for Paul to finish she receives a phone call from her mother- who is complaining about bathroom tissue because the students keep stealing it. 

Her mother wants to know if she had that talk with Paul. Maddie warns her not to tell anyone about her feelings for him. She tells her mom her friends don't know. Her mom says if her friends don't know neither does he. Maddie thinks Paul has something important to tell her and perhaps its about him liking her too. She ends the phone call and all her attention is for Paul. 

She greets her friends and she tells them her scarf is probably in Brooklyn by now. Her friends tells Maddie she practically wrote the book. And they ask if he's single and there's laughter. She goes to talk with Paul at the bar and he says he wants her to work with him on his next book. She's disappointed and says, "sure." He bumps into her friend and helps her with her fake eyelash. They both show chemistry between each other and Maddie immediately takes Paul away with her to meet and greet people. 

Paul reads a chapter from his novel and surprisingly, Maddie knows each chapter of the book and knows the story well because she wrote it. She sees Paul glance at her friend and then they sit together while he continues to sign novels. Paul asks how they know each other? And they both say from school and her friend says she was a big reader. Maddie whispered to her other friend and said, "that was me." She asks if the cover of his book is a real place and he says, "'s near his parents home." Her friend says she would love to see it sometime and he says he would love to take her there.

Maddie and her friends take a taxi together and her friend can't stop talking about Paul. Maddie feels terrible about everything that occurred. She says Paul signs a lot of books. The book is titled Two Irish Hearts.  Her friend says, "and with his phone number?" And surprisingly its his real number. Maddie is more angry and uncomfortable about the situation. Then months passed and her friend is getting married in Ireland. Maddie receives an invitation to Paul and Emma's wedding and boy is she mad. 

At the Ireland airport, Maddie sees her luggage and a guy grabs the same one and says, "this is my luggage," and Maddie says no its hers. He was on his phone and says, "I'm going to to go...There's an American woman trying to steal my bag." They both struggle with the bag and it opens revealing its really his. She accidentally holds his boxers. Maddie has to file a claim for her missing luggage and tells Paul she will catch a cab. She stands outside only to discover there's no Ubers in town. Then a cute little bus arrives and e says he can take her to Paul's family estate. The guy with boxers gets on the same bus. 

Maddie aks him if he's a photographer and he says yes. They talk about her friends wedding and he says perhaps she'll catch the bouquet 💐. And she says she's not interested in getting married. He said it was a stupid joke. Her book falls out her bag and he saysare you enjoying that. And she said Paul Kennedy is one of the bestselling authors in the UK. He says and they sell a lot of fish and chips but it doesn't make them good. The bus driver says Kennedy house is here Ma'am. She tells the photographer he can go and ****.

The Kennedy estate is huge and while approaching the house, she hears a guy say, "you're trespassing you know." And she tells him actually she is Maddie and he jokes and says he knows exactly who she is and tells her he's the brother and introduces himself. She enters the home and Maddie almost causes a vase to fall but she catches it. She lies when they say Maddie should be happy for Emma and Paul. 

The photographer enters a pub and has a room there. He's in town for some sheep-shearing festival. Back at the Kennedy estate Maddie looks out her bedroom window and says, "beautiful," and looks at the couples photo and desires even more now if Paul was hers. Her other friend notices her demeanor and says she looks rather off. The happy couple planned a picnic for their guests. While everyone else paddles a boat, Maddie goes for a walk. She walks over a brook of water and finds a beautiful tree 🌳 that has some large stones around it. She talks to her mom and said she should have told Paul how she felt and wish he was marrying her.

Then suddenly a woman appears and says, "Was that a wish you were making?" She said no she was on the phone. The woman says that's a wishing chair and in order to have a wish, you must sit on the chair properly. Maddie says no...She's good. And the woman says, "what are you afraid of? Maddie says she doesn't believe in that kinda thing. And the woman says, "Well you have nothing to lose." So she properly shows Maddie how to make a wish. "Close your eyes and mean it." Maddie says, "I wish I was marrying Paul Kennedy. Well it didn't work." And the woman said, "didn't it. How could you tell?" Maddie says, "Isn't there supposed to be an earthquake or a lightening bolt or something." 

The woman makes a stiff breeze and Maddie is surprised. She gently falls back, and suddenly appears in a bed. She gets up and is surprised to see Paul nude in the shower. Maddie asks what he's doing in there. She thinks they had a one-night-stand and everyone is telling her they are getting married, especially after Paul tried kissing Maddie. Her wedding dress is discovered in her luggage. There's also an engagement picture of her and Paul at Times Square. The wish worked and she rejoices when she learns her wish came true. 

Maddie joins them for breakfast and she postures herself to fancy everything. While Emma and her friend are picking apples, Maddie runs into a fence and Emma ends up riding a bike with Paul and she's fast. Her wedding dress becomes vintage and now she's not so thrilled in wearing her inlaws dress. The photographer doesn't want a copy of Paul Kennedy's book, after becoming their 100th customer. As he leaves, the fairy woman- who can grant wishes, cancels the sheep shearing festival. He sees the sign and said he was looking forward to that gig. Maddie sees her outside the dress shop and says she's really happy with her wish. The the fairy woman says "are you really happy with your wish?" Maddie runs after her and ends landing inside the photographers red, convertible.

Maddie sees Paul Kennedy's cook in his car, and says I thought you didn't like Paul Kennedy's books. He said says he doesn't remember that and Maddie understood it didn't happen- the ride on the bus. He introduces himself to everyone and says he's James Thomas. He agrees to be the wedding photographer. Paul's mother has the wedding figured out and shares her thoughts with James. Paul arrives and asks who's car is in the driveway. James is introduced to Paul and he also agrees to do PR work. Maddie walks with James to his car and reminds him cause everyone has a camera in their pocket and he says that's what I always say.

That night Maddie hurts Paul due to reality she never really slept with him. Earlier that evening, Maddie brushes her teeth and when finished she looks in the mirror and said she's marrying Paul Kennedy. In the morning, Maddie goes sight seeing alone with James because Paul is still beat from Maddie's hand action. Maddie explains to James how they met and James says opposites attract and Maddie corrects him and says they are not opposites. For some reason the fairy speeds forward the time where Maddie's mom lives.

Back in Ireland Maddie and James stop at the first destination. And James asks Maddie why hasn't she written her own book? She says she's been trying but has been working on Paul's book. They arrive at the clifts of Moores and Maddie says it looks like hey they stepped into a novel. She tells James she would love to get married there, however Paul wouldn't want that and because of time it wouldn't work. He tells her he likes to know a person before he photographs them. Maddie says I thought you didn't photograph people. During a game of archery, Paul is relaxing trying to heal his eye. And some how Emma comes to his aid and helps him with his eye. Paul says she's thoughtful.

Back in Iowa, Maddie's mom wakes up to see the time say thirty minutes after nine, and says holy mother of God! While James and Maddie heads back to the estate, in rains and they are stopped by a huge tree in the road. James decides to take her to a nice pub. He said they have the best fish and chips. James tells his friend they need two rooms and Maddie is concerned about staying there. She needs to call Paul of course and leaves a message. James' friend asks him about the woman he's with. The sit to eat and drink, however Maddie objects to drinking beer.  James tells Maddie he always visited Ireland since he was a kid.

James tells Maddie it's just him...His camera and passport flying around the world. Maddie asks if it gets lonely after a while, and he says it's a freedom having no ties. Maddie asks if wants to settle down and marry. He said like you did. Then he asks if she like playing darts. Maddie says he really doesn't like talking about himself. James why do you say that and she says it's because you always Change the subject. While teaching Maddie how to throw a dart, he holds her arm and stands behind her and there's immediate chemistry. Then Maddie says she's getting married in two days. She tries James beer 🍺 and likes it. Maddie's mother tries getting a new flight to Ireland. However, they find time to dance and when finished,  they hug each other. There's now history for them at the Wild Hen Inn. 

In the morning, James car doesn't start and Maddie's afraid she'll be late for her wedding rehearsal. They both push the car and then it starts and mud splashes on there clothes. They arriveat he rehearsal and she has mud all over her clothes. She sees an image of Saint Bridgett and faints. After falling on the floor, she says it's her...she's the one who made this happen. The rehearsal dinner happens and Jamesis there- taking pictures. Then Paul's brother starts a drinking game and Paul gets her favorite author wrong. He also got her favorite dance and James make a face. The game goes south after she's asked where she proposed and is in shock this is how the engagement happened. James is hearing the story.

Maddie follows James during the party and asks if he's leaving and says he's the guest in the tower suite. James asks if her engagement is everything she imagined. James said if it was him he wouldn't have kept her waiting and after the gig was over, he's leaving. Her mother calls and says she has a new flight and Maddie is happy to hear it. Then suddenly the Saint Brigid appears on the flight screen. Everyone starts walking and her mom is confused about what was said then she trips over the fairy Saint's luggage. Maddie sees Emma and Paul dancing and Paul tells Maddie he wrote both of their vows.

In the room James is staying in, he looks at the pictures he took of Maddie and smiles. Maddie reads the wedding vows Pual wrote and is a bit concerned. She looks outside her window and sees Paul with Emma and he walks away from her, leaving Emma crying. In morning, while James is in the garden Maddie tells him she's sorry. James said he read her book and she says it's Paul's and James said he knows what he means. He said she needs to edit her own life. He asks if Pual is the person she really wants to share her life with. She said Paul is her wish come true. James said okay and walks away leaving Maddie crying.

The guests arrive for the big day and Maddie is dolled up and the priest comes in and Maddie tells him about her wish from Saint Brigid He says you must be careful with that one because she will give you what you need. Emmacomes in and Maddie tells her she knows she has feelings for Paul and apologizes. And Emma talks about fate and believes they should be together. Then Maddie said she's going to make things right. She joins her wedding party in a casual, not-so-wedding-dress and makes an announcement to the guests.For some reason Paul does not object to the wedding and he blames James for everything that went wrong. 

Then they fight in front of everyone. Maddie's mom calls during the scuffle and told her she's in the hospital. Maddie runs after James and she kisses him after saying they belong together. He leaves her standing there and drives off. Maddie then gets in her car and drives off to get him back at the wishing stone. She cries for Brigid to change things back and un-wish her wish. Brigid appears and says the wish was already granted and disappeared. Maddie takes a seat and makes a wish and everything that happened turns back.

Maddie finds herself in her room blow drying her hair. Her friend comes in the room and he says she needs to hurry and get ready because she is a Bridesmaid. Emma and Pual get hitched and everyone is happy including Maddie. She calls James name but it was a different photographer They take a picture and then they party. Emma tells her she waited her entire life for someone like Paul. Concerning the next book, Maddie passes it because Pual refuses to give her credit for helping to publish the book. She walks away and he says where are you going and she said to write her own story. 

She goes to the pub where James was staying and owner said she just missed him. She tries to find him and sees him sitting on a bench. She says hello and says she needs more information on the cliffs of Moher. Saint Brigid is in town and James takes Maddie to the cliffs of Moher where they talk some more like the first time. 


Poor Things

This movie opens at a bridge with a woman standing there and she dives in the water. Then in another scene, this woman is sitting by the piano and lands her fingers on the keys. She's trying to play something while wearing a puffy dress. Then a scared, face, man watches her play with her feet now elevated on the piano. At the dining room table it's no different, while this strange woman pounds her silverware on the table. 

She grabs some food with her hands, chews on it and she spits it out. The strange man makes a bubble form with his mouth open. He makes a strange sound. She claps her hands, and he detached the tube from the side of his stomach. Everything is strange. Especially when kisses her forehead and leaves while she follows him saying ba, ba, ba and a half-duck-half-dog is following her.

Dr. Godwin Baxter is a strange scientist who teaches anatomy at a college. Baxter asks his students if they can tell human organs from animal. He invites one of his students to his home to meet Bella Baxter. She stands in the dining room shattering dishes. She hears Godwin come inside and she says God, God and hugs Dr. Baxter. Bella hits the student in the face. And Dr. Baxter says blood to Bella so she repeats what he says. He wants his student to help improve Bella's progress concerning her brain injury. And while he asks him, she urinates on the floor. She calls it wee.

Max McCandles observes Bella at the table and she throws food at him. While Dr. Baxter works on a body, Bella says, "Bella cuts too?" Baxter says "only dead." Then Bella takes sharp device and cuts on the body's eye, laughing and saying squish, squish. The chicken barks like a dog and Bella gives the strange animals snacks of some kind. Everything around this person is strange. Max's observation shows how Bella is using fifteen words a day. Max also told Baxter her hair grows two inches every two days. Max asks where Bella comes from, and Baxter says he is just collecting data, and details about who she is will come later. 

Baxter reads Bella a book and she asks where her parents are and he said they died in South America due to a landslide and she was sent to him as an orphan. Bella asks Max why he pen book everyday? He tells her why and she asks him where places are in the world. She walks outside and stands on top of the roof and throws down a piece of pottery. She goes to see Baxter and demands to go outside. She gets her wish and they ride around in the carriage. They have a picnic and Bella asks Baxter why his thumbs look strange. He told them his father made them that way. 

As the drive off Bella sees an ice cream stand and screams she wants ice cream 🍦 and Dr. Baxter says no. She pushes hm, demanding they stop for ice cream. Baxter smothers her face with cloriform and she faints. Max goes inside Baxter's office looking for truths concerning Bella. He finds a book full of notes stating how he gave her the brain of a child- her child and the child was still alive in her womb when she committed suicide. So he performed a freaky Frankenstein procedure on her.

Bella awakens and has urges for sex. At the dinner table, she master bates sitting there. The brain of a chld, doesn't know these things. She tries grabbing the maid and Max tells her those things are not done in polite society after she picks up a pickle. Later that night, Bella leaves the dinner table and Baxter suggests Max marry Bella. She sill wants to go out and asks Max to take her out. And they lick each other's ears. Max asks Baxter if he was laying with her. Dr. Baxter tells him he's a eunich and can't perform.

Max asks Bella to marry him and Bella says let's touch each other's genital pieces and Max says he doesn't want to take advantage of her and they will wait till married. However, this is a legal agreement between Max and Baxter and he will have to live there always. Mr. Duncan creates their legal contract and is curious about Bella. So much, he pretends to use the restroom and finds Bella. He tells her she can't go in the city if she married Max. 

Duncan is a legal aid helping Dr. Baxter create a contract on things Bella can and cannot do in the marriage. He meets Bella on top of the roof and watch the fireworks. Duncan asks Bella to go away with him. Bella tells Dr. Baxter, the next day she's going away with Duncan and he agrees. Max learns of this and he tells Bella the reason why she shouldn't go away with him. She kisses him and places cloriform over his nose and she says goodbye. Dr. Baxter walks in kisses her forehead and gives her money and checks Max's pulse.

Max awakens and Bella is not there. Max asks Dr. Baxter why he didn't stop her and he says she has strong will. Max hopes she's safe and suddenly there's color and gray disappears with Bella having a heated moment with Duncan. They eat oysters and then they journey to Lisbon. Duncan introduces Bella to more food and he says it's yester-time and off they go again without a heated discussion. Until after, Bella asks Duncan why people don't do this all the time. Duncan said "let us sleep." Bella doesn't sleep and decides to go out.

She listens to a woman singing and wonders off to roof where she throws up. She returns to Duncan and says she found her way back using the noise. Duncan said she shouldn't have left without him. She wants to be intimate again and they go to a restaurant afterwards. The dine with another couple and Bella spits the food out of the mouth. She then wants to punch th e baby that's crying and Duncan grabs her by the arms and explains why her actions are rude.

Bella sends Max and Dr. Baxter a postcard. Bella goes to the bar and tries some vodka. A woman recognizes Bella and she callsher Victoria Blessington and because she doesn't know who she is, Bella says her name and says the woman is mistaken. They order some food and start dancing. Later, Duncan sees markings on both of her thighs and the story freaks him out and he leaves. He really likes Bella and is devastated by knows of the other man.

Dr. Baxter passes out during his lecture and the more he talks about his father the worse it gets. His father put hot irons on his genitals. When Bella wakes up, Duncan tells her to lay inside of the trunk and she does. He unlocks the trunk and tells her to look out of the window. They are on a large boat and they are sailing. She is angry and locks herself in the bathroom. She finally leaves and asks a worker when they'll stop and he said in th ree days when ariving in Athens.

She sleeps on a recliner and later joins Duncan and as they observe the people, a woman's hair catches fire 🔥. He apologizes for bringing her on the ship but he has his reasons. And he says he loves her. She wants a drink while Duncan expresses his love for her sitting he never felt this way for anyone before. Bella needs ink and he goes a to get her some.  She tells an older woman she must touch her hair. The woman says to Bella her hair looks like silk. She describes Duncan, sexually to her and Bella asks if the young man next to is jumping her and she says no, she hasn't been bedded in over twenty years and Bella says "what." As they continue talking she discovers their names is Martha and Harry Astely. She introduces them to Duncan as her new friends. Bella wants to dine with them and Duncan objects to the idea. However, since they're on a ship, the idea is better than nothing. Duncan asks Bella to marry him and she says what. She mentions Max and Duncan says she ran away with him. 

It also appears that Dr. Baxter has a replacement...A brand new Bella who can't catch a ball yet but they are training her. The new project cries when Max throws the ball on her face. Back on the ship, Bella is reading a philosophy book while reclining next to Martha and Harry. Bella tries to make since of the book and Harry says it's a waste of time. He throws each book into the sea. 

Bella asks Duncan to come while he's playing a game of cards. Bella leaves while he refuses. Bella is reading another book while Duncan walks in the room and tries to get Bella in the mood. He then threatens to throw Martha overboard and Bella dares him. Duncan marches to where she is and tries to throw Martha overboard. The crew stops him and Duncan says he'll be at the bar. The ship changed the relationship between them.

Bella couldn't sleep and goes to talk to Harry. Bella tells him she disagrees...Everyone isn't bad. Harry tells her she doesn't know the world and she's afraid of it. He offers to show her the world. In Alexandria Harry shows her around while Duncan is gambling. Bella asks Harry what the noise is and they look down and see young people dead or starving. He explains what will happen if they dare to help them. 

Bella starts to panic and runs almost off the cliff while Harry stops her. Returns to the ship and her room while Duncan is drunk with a lot of money on the bed. And Bella other's the money and mistakenly hands it to crew members who said they will take care of it. She writes a letter to Dr. Baxter and he says, "poor Bella." 

She talks to Harry and hopes his finger is alright. Harry tells Bella she can't change the world with all the theories of man. She tells Harry his been hurt by these ideas and kissed him and says goodbye. She and Duncan are now in Paris with nowhere to go. Bella believes their situation is a experiment they can find a way out of. Until, she meets a madam who works in a nearby brothel. Bella asks her if she gets paid to do this and the madam says yes.

Bella goes to room Sixteen and this hairy man is already in the room. It was strange for Bella and when done, he gave her some money. She used her new funds for some sweets and hands Duncan some and she explains what happened. Duncan calls her a whore and is very wroth with anger. Bella tells him she'll pay for his departure and takes out some money Dr. Baxter gave her and Duncan becomes more angry, grabs the money and then leaves.

Bella talks to the madam and asks her for employment and they come to an agreement. One of her clients is fat and strange, and a bit horrific. A new friend of helps her gets rid of the smell. Bella tries to make her demands for more clean and handsome men. The madam tells her no because it's not good business. She then tries to know them through much talking and jokes. Her idea this sort of thing is edgy. For example, one of her clients is a man of the cloth, a priest.

Another, tries to teach his sons sex education while using Bella. She later hears some one screaming and it's Duncan. He still wants to marry her. Dr. Baxter thinks he's dying and tells Max to find her. Bella experiences more different things and her friend says she has a baby scar. Max meets Duncan in a mental hospital and he told him Bella ruined him.

Bella receives news that Dr. Baxter is ill and dying. She goes to London and everything comes full circle when Bella asks him if she had a baby, where is it? Max shows her the file and she also meets the new woman who repeats everything she hears. Bella goes to the bridge where she first jumped. She tells God (Dr. Baxter) she's going to be a doctor. Max and Bella talk about their engagement only to discover it's still on and they marry. Dr. Baxter walks Bella down the aisle and his energy is coming from the use of social drugs.

Something strange happens in the cathedral...A man interrupts their union to wed and he say, "Hello Victoria." Her real name is Victoria Blessington and the man is still married to her and his name is Alfie. Bella leaves Max behind and rides inside his carriage. Alfie never left the battle field and he's a very angry person. If there was to be an uprising from the service its well deserved against him. Bella is now back where she first started and is locked inside Alfie's mansion. This guy wants to remove Bella's clitoris.

He tried to sedate her and instead, Bella throws the gin in Alfie's face and shot him in the foot. Bella gets Max to take the bullet out of his foot. And they have a goat in the room. Dr. Baxter dies and the movie takes a turn I didn’t expect to happen. It becomes a happy ending with some gin in hand.



Doctor Ranveer awakens to another bad dream involving a car accident with his son in the car. He's covered in sweat and gets out of bed and opens his drawer looking for something. His wife sees him looking and she helps him pull sleeping pills out of the drawer. She tells him the accident wasn't his fault and they should be thankful to have their daughter. They go to her room and sees her sleeping.

Its a new morning, and Ria says goodbye to her parents however her father stops her and asks a question about  her finger and she said she took care of it and had a tetanus shot. She doesn't have any classes that Thursday and tells him she's going to the library. He offers to take her there but Ria thinks it's uncool. Ranveer makes a joke on the idea and they laugh. Ria accepts his offer and he takes her to school.

Ria's friends take her to the café instead, and they talk about relationships and falling in love. Her friend on the other hand will meet some guy at the club. Somehow, Ria knew it was going to rain because she is carrying her umbrella 🌂 everywhere she goes. 

Then the unexpected happens while it rains...Bikers almost run her down and she screams, "You Bastards!." The leader, gets off the bike and looks at Ria and picks up her books and still looks at her and the moment is intense and romantic. Ria walks away in the rain and he watches until he couldn't see her anymore. It's so romantic you'd think he has no problems at all.

Dr. Ranveer is performing an operation and it's successful with himself and his fellow doctor by his side. That talked about that generation and where it's headed. Ria goes to the club with her friends. And while sits at the bar, Aryan creeps behind her and says hello. She does everything she can to avoid him but he won't let go. When she takes off, her dad is there and Aryan is jealous.

The next scene is kind of strang because Aryan and his friends arrive at what appears to be a brothel. The incident with the magazine set him off and he pretends to desire the company of this woman who within in the head with the magazine. He goes away with her and he nearly beats her to death. Dr.Ranveer is called in to work and the prostitute is in the emergency room. Dr. Ranveer wants to know what monster did that to her face.

Aryan surprises Ria in her Economics class and he is persistent to be with her.He wants her to cut class and she does. They ride on his motorcycle and takes her to his place. She discovers he doesn't live with his parents. He lies of course and sees what he does for a living- he paints. He shows her his painting of her and sets it on fire. This guy is loaded with strange emotions and it isn't clear on who he is. Ria becomes frightened.

Then there's a song and Ria  has dreams of him. She is trying to resist him with all the strength in her, but he won't let her. She admits she is falling in love. So they agree to meet the next day at 10:30. When she arrives home, her parents have other plans for her...They are going to vacation out of town. While there, Ria isn't happy because of her promise Aryan. She talks to her father and he tries cheering her up. The both play the piano and it helped a lot.

 Aryan becomes full of rage when she doesn't come to see him at that specific time. Ria closed each curtain and sees Aryan outside the vacation home. When he arrives at their home, he grabs Ria by the throat, and nearly sophisticated her. Ria tells him about her brother and why she is indebted to her parents. Aryan is abusive, especially when things don't go his way! They make up again and the cycle continues with a song.

On one of those singing days Ria's father sees her with Aryan while driving in that neighborhood. He doesn't look happy.  To blow things over, he tells her to invite her boyfriend over the next day. Aryan notices a Henry Moore piece from 1995. Dr. Ranveer, said it's called the family. Aryan serves tea and goes on a bit to much so they will like him. Ranveer, doesn't like him and he can tell. It also looks like Ranveer seen a ghost.

He tells his wife Aryan isn't right for Ria. And says he has seen him before. Aryan and his buddies steal some cars and his true character begins to show more each day. Aryan and his friends go to the hospital because one of them cut their hand with glass. Ranveer is there, he is helping the prostitute Aryan beat up. She sees him and Ranveer tries to catch him but he gets away.

Ria is with her friends and here closest friend hugs her and Aryan loses control and beats him up and then slaps Ria in the face.It leaves a scratch on her face and in the morning her father looks at it and Ria lies again. She goes goes to her friend's apartment and Aryan is waiting for her. Of course they're both scared of him. He breaks a wine glass and he and Ria hug.

Ranveer discovers where he has seen Aryan...It was in a newspaper article that said he killed his father. And he kept this article for sometime in his office. It is titled "Son Kills Fther." Ranveer goes to his apartment and tells him to stop seeing Ria. Aryan asks what if he refused? Ranveer didn't take that well and was determined to stop this toxic relationship. Aryan is so crazy he started banging his head on the steel part of the elevator and his blood started going down.

Ranveer goes home and tells his wife and daughter the truth about Aryan.  It wasn't easy because he has been in his house.  It was a sad revelation for them to accept. He tells them he's been in prison for three years. Ria is heartbroken and her mother is shocked by the news. This now becomes a he said, they said issue and begins to make the problem more difficult to get out of.

I understand how people trust looks more than what's on the inside of a person and this is where she's struggling. At the club, Ria throws the newspaper at Aryan and he grabs her and locks them inside the elevator. Aryan lies to her and tells a false story of his parents and said his father killed his mother. None of this is true and Ria tells her father this false story. Ria tells her father and they argue. He forbids Ria to see him again. And her mother slaps her in the face.

The next day Aryan challenges Ranveer and makes a scene against him. He burns the newspaper smiling as if he won something. Ranveer grabs him by the collar and tells him to stay away from his daughter. Then they both speak to the commissioner and Aryan changes his demeanor and tries to seem innocent. Ranveer tells his wife he won't lose his daughter like they lost their son. 

Ranveer sneaks inside Aryan's apartment and he finds a mental health file on him and it says he can become very violent. Aryan and his buddies return home and he sees the light is on. He goes inside and finds no one is there. Ranveer goes to the mental hospital that dealt with Aryan and discovers Aryan's mother is alive! Ranveer goes to see the person Aryan said is dead. Her story of what happened that dreadful day is scary. She made sure he understood her feelings about him stating her son died the day he killed her husband.

Aryan was obsessed with a teacher, who is also living with his parents, and grabbed her at the same college his father worked. He threatened her more than once...At the college and at his parents home and grabbed her by the throat. They called the police on him and they locked him in his room. His parents said farewell to their niece who is engaged to be married. Going inside, they noticed Aryan's room was set on fire. His father opened the door and Aryan grabbed him and threw him on the bed that was burning 🔥!

At the student lounge Ria receives a phone call but no one answered. Then it rang again and Aryan answered the phone and it was his cousin saying Aryan is a bad person. Aryan becomes nervous and fear overtakes him to the point he is afraid he'll lose Ria and calls her concerned that she'll leave him when she finds out what he did. The next day her friend tells her a teacher woman was looking for her. And of course Aryan is listening. And her friend said she's wearing a blue sari 🥻. Aryan chases the car she enters and he goes fast to see if it's her.

The persons in the car was Ria's friend Natasha and her father. Aryan looks at the license plate and went to a taxi company to find out where she is living. A woman tells him the exact location where she lives. He goes inside with a knife and thinks she's the teacher. Ria's father stops him from trying to stab Natasha and the lights come on and Ria is there and she tells Aryan it's over. The police commissioner arests Aryan.

After all that has happened Ria is in grief from the way she treated her parents. She asks how her father can forgive her. Tears fall and healing begins to happen. With a beautiful song 🎵 things begin to change. Ria's relationship with her parents is restored. In jail, Aryan tells his friends he will kill anyone who tries to keep them apart and he said even if it's Ria, he will kill her too. His silly friends, help Aryan break out of a police car, killing people inside. Now he is on his way to Ria's parents vacation home. 

Ranveer receives a phone call from the police commissioner and he tells him what happened. He learns from Ria, Aryan knows about their vacation home. Ria tells her parents he's going to kill her and warned if she did leave him, he will kill her too. Aryan cuts off their phone line and tries to get in the house. Aryan is crazy! He screams Ria's name after breaking down the windows. They go inside and make threats. His friends run up the stairs and try breaking the door down.

Ranveer drowns one of Aryan's boys and they run into another room. They go in the kitchen and another guy walks in and screams Aryan's name. There's a struggle with a hammer and Ranveer cuts on the stone and throws  match on it...Blowing everything, including his friend up. They run and here comes Aryan! His face is covered in blood and they are scared. His wife and daughter run to the boat and Aryan is beating on Ranveer's body.

Aryan throws Ranveer through some glass and he falls unconscious. Aryan goes to the boat and sees Ria there. He grabs Ria, pushes her mom and almost punched her in the face until Ranveer stops him. Ranveer pushes Aryan and they stand on the peer. When suddenly Ranveer kicks him in the face and Aryan falls down. He places a lifesaver on Aryan and he breaks loose and Aryan grabs a wooden beam and hits Ranveer with it. Then Aryan charges toward Ria with the beam to kill her and he is suddenly stopped when Ranveer pulls up the anchor and it enters Aryan's midsection  and he dies.

The story ends with Ranveer driving his daughter to school and she sees her friends and they laugh. Ranveer looks on and cries because he almost lost his daughter. Ranveer is a very brave father. This movie deserves 👏 and it was very intense.


Anyone But You


This story begins with Bea needing to use the bathroom in a café that has a key for customers. She really needs to go and the cashier keeps looking over her head and avoids the conversation calling names of customers who purchased their coffee. Ben is now first in line and he's in the mood to help a perfect stranger. He pretends to be her husband and he hands her the key to the restroom. This is a cute scene when they first met.

He orders her peppermint tea and while she uses the bathroom...She accidentally wets her pants while using the water from the sink. She calls her friend and dries her pants with the bathroom fan. Bea believes he could be a special guy with potential. Before she leaves Ben notices the tissue on her shoe and Bea says, "Are you going to ask me out now." And Ben approaches her and gets rid of the tissue under her shoe. They go out and talk for some time.

Ben makes them grilled cheese sandwiches 🥪. They talk more about their careers. They continue talking and end up sleeping together. Bea gets up early and leaves while he is still sleeping. She leaves and tells her friend everything but made the mistake leaving and she turns back and arrives while Ben lies and tells his friend the date was nothing and he couldn't get rid of her fast enough.

Then six months later Ben goes to the club and it's a small world where they're from and his friend's friend introduces them and they exchange cold words. Bea says she's engaged and Ben asks if she's going out the back door like before. The other friend is Bea's sister and she's the one she called six months ago. And her sister and Ben's friend are getting hitched in Australia. Another destination wedding that involves familiar faces.

Ben and Bea take a flight ✈️  to down under and they're on the same flight. Ben says hello and made some smart suggestions and smirked before going to his seat. Later, on the plane, Bea gets up to use the restroom and someone uses it before her and while waiting she sees Ben and takes his cookie and made a mistake touching the chair adjustment controller. While releasing her shirt, she hears the song playing in his headphones.

When they arrive in Australia 🇦🇺,  they find out they have to stay in the same place. His friends stepfather's house. While walking on the beach, Bea goes in the water with her sister and Ben talks to a woman named Margaret. Anyways, Bea removed herself from law school and haven't told her parents and they are all there for the wedding. 

It's dinner time and everyone comes together and a toast along with some fireworks, is made. They eat and then play- what is that title and while playing, Ben chooses to use a fire cracker and while Bea is trying to take it from his hand it ignites and it lands on a flower sign. And Margaret removes the fire with her dress. Their friends and family believe they will ruin the wedding. So they come up with the plan to get them to fall in love.

Bea catches on to their family scheme to get them together. Their friends mom asks them to get Roger's sunglasses of the boat on the right. And they go swimming to the boat. Ben is struggling to swim further out and Bae helps him reach the boat. They find the glasses and while there her parents show up with Bae's ex-boyfriend Jonathan. Then she tells Ben they should do it and pretend they are really a couple.

They go hiking while Jonathan stays behind with her parents. While standing on a huge rock, they agree to touch each other's butt, but their friends see a koala bear eating leaves, causing them to miss Ben and Bae's touching moment. Bae pulls out a huge spider and Ben screams while taking off his clothes and throws it off the edge of a cliff. Then Bae let's hm wear her shorts 😏. 

Back at the house,  Ben shows her dad how to dive in the swimming pool. The rench story comes up again and she asks if the story is true. Bea plays a game of chess with her ex-boyfriend and Ben's name comes up. He sees them playing chess and goes in the kitchen and tastes Margaret's coffee and she invites him to run with her. Ben says he already has plans with Bea.

During the rehearsal dinner Ben heps Bea off the truck and everyone is watching. They dance beautifully together and a toast is made on the top of the deck and Bea and Bea have a cute titanic moment. And it works while everyone watches and think it's cute. Then Bae accidentally falls in the water and Ben jumps in to save her. They're both afraid sharks might come where they are.

Ben asks her why she broke up with her ex and she says it's because they never fought and it was very comfortable. Then he asks why she left without saying bye and she says he scared her and it was the first felt fire and had to blow it out. Ben said he really liked her and that's why he said those horrible things to Pete. He promised to take her to the Opera House.

The Harbour rescue people lift them up into the helicopter 🚁 and they both sing the song that gives Ben strength while flying.  They drive them home and Ben makes his famous grilled cheese sandwiches 🥪. They kiss in the kitchen and take a shower together and make love. Ben leaves the room while everyone is looking for them. Bae wakes up and in the morning she swims.

Bae jumps up and down for her sister's wedding and everything goes as plan until Ben tells Pete Bae left law school. Then Pete tells Bae's parents and the conversation gets heated and with then Ben says the F××× word, the dog pulls the cake down. Those to be wed are angry and Margaret wants another shot with Ben and their all confused again.

At the wedding, they all get along and Pete had the dog Cary both rings. It was a very cute ceremony. At the wedding reception Margaret dances with Ben and she tells him Bae said the relationship was situational and they kiss. Ben said this was a memory and his friend's tell him to go after Bae. Ben jumps off the cliff to find her. He tells them to call Harbour Rescue. 

Bae went to Sydney Australia's Opera House and there they made up and went back to the reception and sang his Serenity song. This romantic movie is funny and intense. Great for every season of love ❤️.  


Poetic Justice


Justice is a young woman who was in a relationship with Markell. The first scene of the movie opens up in a drive in movie theater. The movie shows a man and woman together and the woman opens fire at the guy in his apartment. Then Justice is shown with her boyfriend kissing. She wants some snacks and Markell goes to get get her some cand. While waiting in line, Markell sees some guys standing by video game boxes and he quickly goes back to the car while these guys were fighting.

Markell goes back to his car and he tells Justice he seen some guys he had beef with the other day. The two guys saw exactly where he was because one of them shot Markell in the head. And Justice saw everything...Screaming asking for help while other cars start to drive away. She is then seen in the cemetery and opens one of her poems saying "Alone," and She's driving her car to work. 

Justice is a hairdresser and gets ready to braid her friend Iesha's hair. She washes her hair and then talks to her boss. Her own hair needs a touch up and minutes later Lucky walks in with some mail. She's pasting stamps on dome envelopes when Lucky says "why don't you ever smile, you must not have a man because you never snile." Justice asks what does he want from her and he says, "I think you're kinda of fly." Justice plays against him asking him if he wants to smell her and he says yes. She calls Jessie, and asks her if she should let him do it and Jessie breathes in his face. He tells Jessie she needs breath mints.  Lucky gives this guy some stamps and drives off.

He goes to the post office- where he works.. And tells his boss he's not going to a particular place with a mean dog and says she needs to pick up her mail there. He then goes off to see his daughter and comes by a friend's car and they tell him a friend was shot and killed, and they're going to get the fools who got him. Hey says seeyah and talks to J Bone. He then goes to see his daughter and it doesn't go with J Bone saying his daughter Keisha call him daddy sometime and Lucky gets upset and says let's go see then. 

Justice finishes Iesha's hair and reads her poem to her. Iesha asks her if she wants to ride with them to Oakland since she's going to a hair show. Justice says no and then disses the fact she's with a post man. It seems her boyfriend's death made her bitter and lonely Jessie also invited Justiceto ride with her and it's obvious she's sad. 

Keisha's mom has a drug problem and Lucky goes in her room and there's a guy in there and he goes after him and J Bone. Lucky takes Keisha and leaves. He goes home and tells his mom he's going to take care of her. He then goes to play video games and ignores his mom while she's telling him what he needs to do with his wife.

Justice wakes up, feeds her cat and gets in her car for Oakland but te car doesn't start. She calls Iesha and Lucky is driving. She sees Lucky and tries to change her mind seeing him. She says he's that guy who was trying to mack. Lucky sees her and is very disappointed. Well, they go off to Oakland- well almost. Justice finds Lucky annoying and they verbally give each other harsh words. Iesha convinces Lucky to back and get Justice back in the truck. Before Justice gets in the automobile, she said some threatening words. 

They stop at a gas station and buys some alcohol and water guns. They have some fun and continue this journey to Oakland. On their way thy smell food at the Johnson family reunion. So they stop there, blend in and eat some food. Lucky and Justice talk for a bit and then they have grab Iesha and Chicago. They move on and then stop at an African festival and Lucky touches Justice's braids. The attraction is there it just took a little time. 

They stop at the beach and think a lot. Iesha and Chicago get it on in the back of the truck and they"re frustrated. Lucky stops the truck and Iesha and Chicago fight. They all jump in and Chicago is alone, walking down the street. They stop again and Justice fixes Lucky's nails.  The kiss and the relationship is getting stronger. He tells her about his daughter Keisha. They reach Oakland and he happens to see his cousin Khalil dead by an ambulance car. Lucky then gets upset at Justice and she arrives to the hotel where everyone is staying for the hair show. 

Lucky decides to keep his cousins music equipment and Justice chooses to wear a white top and her hair a bit differently. Lucky brings Keisha along to the salon and they kiss and make up. She takes care of Keisha's hair and the movie ends. It's a likeable, cute story in the end and there are some romantic scenes to like. All in all, Justice is no longer in grievement and her life starts moving forward again. RMR gives this love story 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟.


Destination Wedding


The movie begins with both characters hocking, Frank hocks while pulling on his ear and Lindsay hocks at her plant that's dying. They both arrive at the same airport. They give each other complements and Frank mentions how planes are never on time.Lindsay did research on how some are on time and they give you a snack. After saying this, Frank moves a step, and Lindsay noticed and he did it again...And then again.

The plane they boarded is extremely small and Frank has to sit next to Lindsay. She tries opening her snack and Frank offers help to open the bag and it doesn't until he uses his teeth. Then after all that work, the snack doesn't taste good. They find out they're going to the same wedding in Paso Robles. The strange part of this story is Lindsay was engaged to the groom and the wedding never happened. She finds out...He's Frank, Keith's brother.

He knows that his brother broke off the engagement five weeks before the wedding. Frank never met the bride and wants to stay as far away from Keith as possible. They talk about why she was invited and Frank said it's because he wanted her to know. Keith didn't mean for her to come. She sued Keith so he'd repay her parents for expenses. 

She's attending the wedding because she needs closure. Frank said it was six years ago and that's closure. Lindsay says close doesn't mean closure. They get a ride in the same car. Frank runs marketing for J.D. Power and Associates. Lindsay is a lawyer he likes prosecuting companies for vain speech. Their reservations are booked at a place called Apple Farm. Lindsay barges in Frank's room and thinks it was her closet. Frank starting hocking and pulling his ear. Before that, Lindsay was hocking at a plant.

Friday was the rehearsal dinner and they are sitting together while others in attendance converse. Lindsay thinks Keith is trying to set them up because they are always together. The bride is Danish from 🇩🇰 Denmark. Lindsay thinks Keith looks different from the last time they seen each other. Then they see Frank's mother and Howard...He left his mother for an older woman. Frank tells Lindsay the story of when he shot him and ran after him when he did this horrible thing. Howard and his girlfriend start acting strange and Frank said, apparently they knew each other in college. 

Lindsay greets Keith and his soon to be Danish wife and Frank still sits at the table. When Lindsay walks back to the table, Frank is gone. She sits there and looks uncomfortable and Frank returns and says he's, "I'm all fucked up." She gets u and walks back to her room. She lays on her bed talking to herself about her life. Saturday they both go to a nail salon and have pedicures and foot massages. She says she just wants Keith to be miserable the rest of his life. Frank says the Danish girl isn’t threatened by Lindsay.

The next trip is at a winery and Frank asks how could anyone drink wine at 11:00 am...He can still taste toothpaste. He believes there's nobody for everyone. He observed his parents marriages and formed his own opinion on the institution of marriage. Then the game of the day is with them standing in a ball and watch others play a game with balls. While standing there, Frank tells Lindsay it's should be easy getting over a relationship like theirs.
Frank carries Lindsay to the wedding that is hidden over a slope of grapevines. Lindsay is hot sitting there while it feels like eight hundred degrees. At the reception, while everyone is dancing, Frank and Lindsay are sitting together, watching everyone. Keith kisses his wife and I mean kisses her for a long time. They go for a walk and talk about how everyone is a narcissist. Then suddenly they are spotted by a mountain lion. And Frank starts hocking at the cat and then they run, and start rolling down hill.

She thanks Frank for saving her and they kiss on top of the hill. And then they decide to have sex. It's a funny scene you can't believe is happening. Then Frank asks Lindsay if she wants a drink and they end up in his hotel room. And they drink wine in bed. They talk a lot and Frank tells her she's elegant. And Lindsay says he has powerful eyes and the give each other complements.

A relationship is forming and Lindsay tells him she hasn't thought of Keith since they connected. That night, they sleep together. They're on the same flight home and try making decisions concerning their new relationship. Frank thinks they should part ways. The plane gerks and Frank accidentally spills his drink on his pants.

They land safely and walk out of the airport together. Frank and Lindsay hug and part ways.while at home, Frank opens his wedding favor bag and grabbed items meant for women. Frank couldn't help but go to Lindsay's. She's surprised to see him after their long discussion. This movie is worth watching and it deserves 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟. 


27 Dresses


Jane Nichols has been a pro at weddings since 1986. She was a little girl at the time and her cousin's dress ripped in the back. She used her sister's bow to tie it up. Ever since then she's been a professional bridesmaid. Helping ladies on their special day became a habit for her and for some time it's been OK...However, she's neglected her own wedding. She even helps brides with their dresses. A guy noticed her looking at her watch and this is because she had another wedding to attend- I mean work for. She also booked a taxi to work for her going back and forth. Jane helps brides in the restroom- peeing. 

She missed catching te bouquet and fell on the floor. Kevin Doyle helped her get up and rode in the taxi with her. He asks how many she attended. Kevin is a writer and doesn't like weddings. He had her day planner in the taxi, and read everything. Jane has a lot of bridesmaid dresses in her closet and there's a lot of them. Kevin wants to write about Jane's bridesmaid lifestyle. 

George is Jane's ideal guy and he's her boss. She then sees her sister at the airport and her sister loves cute men. They go to a party and she thinks George gave her flowers. George sees Tess and they go to drink. Then Kevin shows up and he tells her he's the one who sent the flowers. She's angry Tess is taking her man, someone who doesn't know she likes him. Kevin gives her the day planner and and asks her to have a drink with her. Jane tries to sleep and can't because Tess doesn't arrive till early in the morning and tells her they are going out the next day. 

Jane and Tess go to see their father and George calls Tess. Kevin wrote a week inside Jane's planner. Pedro, a kid shows up for George and they all go to his baseball game. Jane is annoyed because her sister tells George half truths. She becomes angry with both of them and Kevin is still trying to book Jane for an interview. George decides to propose to Tess and Jane sees the entire event, and Tess says yes. Their father gives her sister their mother's dress and this is when it becomes more devastating for Jane. She agrees to see Kevin after along time of pestering. 

Tess decides to marry in three weeks and Jane agrees to help. The wedding cake becomes a problem and the baker says it couldn't be done, however Jane reminds him of a couple who was also a last minute wedding. Kevin comes over her place and sees the bridesmaid dresses. He takes a picture and Jane wears dresses she wore to weddings. Kevin can't believe she actually wore 27 dresses. Jane is hoping some day it will be her wedding day. 

Kevin is beginning to like Jane and sees her talking to George and gets the problem she's having with her sister. They go out and she drives the car in the rain and loses control of the car and they go to a bar. Jane tells Kevin how she was moved by an article he wrote. They discover they have a lot in common. Kevin and Jane start singing and the people dig it and they keep on singing. And they kiss and begin to make out. They have breakfast and then she discovers the article he wrote and it says "Always Always Always a Bridesmaid." And it mentions her sister Tessand she isn't happy. He said she's a bridezilla. George hopes Jane is OK and she still has her job. 

Then comes her sister's fitting and Jane hates what she did to their mother's wedding dress. She tells her sister to tell George the truth about herself. Jane gives her speech at their rehearsal dinner. Tess hates dogs and isn't into children and it was shown in her slides show. Pedro mentions his new cleaning service. Jane doesn't feel any better and sees Kevin and he apologizes and tells her she deserves more than what she settled for. He asks Jane if they can start over. 

Their father tries to get Tess and Jane to make up. Tess tells the truth about her job and says George was nice to her and for her I was a perfect fix. Jane throws her dresses on the floor and clears out her closet. The Jane quits her job and it's time for a change. And George kisses her and neither one of them felt anything. Jane goes to see Kevin and rides the same taxi cab as before and gets on a yacht to talk to him and she makes another announcement to him via mic and says she cares for him and they kiss and a year later Tess an George meet again and Jane and Kevin get hitched along with twenty seven bridesmaids. 

This a great comedy wedding movie you'll never get tired of and it deserves 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟.

Irish Wish

  The movie opens with the definition and possibility of a wish coming true. And the first location is in the big city. There's a red ca...